Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Medieval weapons

Talking about the Middle ages the pupils from 3a  learned that medieval Bulgarian army consists of cavalry and infantry, and in the 9-10th century it was one of the largest military forces in Europe. Bulgarian army was well equipped: the soldier has a sword ,a  long spear and a bow with arrows .  There is a round shield, a mace and a lasso on the saddle . On his belt he has a flint and a  knife. The Cavalry is equipped with metal armors and helmets. The horses also have armor. The armor is of two types - woven armor and forged armor. Bulgarians used siege engines, catapults, siege towers, machines for breaking pinnacles on the walls.  The  shields are wooden, round in shape or tapered at the bottom. In the church of Trapezitsa there is an image of a shield with a lion and the pupils tried to make a copy ... Our ancestors, the Slavs, used  "large and long shields like doors." Perhaps they were rectangular.
The  sword and the saber are considered as a symbol of the Middle Ages. They are weapons for inflicting hit the enemy in close combat, often in single combat.
See our shields! Aren’t they just as real? 

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